There is little else that provokes a similar eruption of happiness to that which we experience when going on a holiday. The entire process is euphoric, including the big lead-up. Whether it be a city break to London with an empty suitcase waiting to be filled with highstreet fashion or a month long trek around the islands of Thailand with a rucksack and a pair of hiking boots, the anticipation of a new adventure instils a thrill in us like no other.

On my most recent trip to the breathtakingly beautiful land of Croatia, I noticed something amidst all my excitement. These holiday inflicted emotions reach an all-time high when we sit down to our first drink at The Garden Terrace. Our heavy suitcases have been checked-in and become someone else’s burden, we’ve cleared the security check where even the most innocent of travellers feels like Pablo Escobar, and we finally feel like our worries are truly being left behind.

We enter a kind of middle Earth, no longer at home but not quite yet at our destination, and there is something quite lovely and freeing about this thought.

We can’t help but observe our surroundings; hen parties and stag do’s already ten pints deep, lone travellers who have packed up their lives having been granted a 2 year Canadian visa, an old couple travelling to Spain to meet their first grandchild, children who have never before been on an airplane who are pleasantly oblivious to the potential fear of flying.

And while anxiety and fear of the unknown may inevitably creep in through the beer garden rooftop, the overwhelming feeling of shared excitement always comes out on top, making The Garden Terrace one of the happiest places in Ireland.

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