I am not a football fan. I don’t know the rules nor can I name more than five players. I don’t have a team that I follow religiously, taking me to joyful ecstasy in victory and glooming heartache in defeat. I wear a jersey if I like the colour, and I intermittently gaze over a match in the background of the pub on a Saturday afternoon. I am not a football fan.

I am a fan of harmony. I love the feeling of shared emotion between friends and strangers, united through a shared passion. I love a merry crowd of people singing and chanting in sync. I am happiest when the atmosphere is euphoric, when joy is contagious, and when if only for one night, life becomes a celebration. I am a fan of harmony.

Football undoubtedly brings about this feeling of undisputed happiness, as does music. In May 2016, I was one of the lucky 30,000 fans to see the two combined when I got my hands on a ticket to see Kasabian play the King Power stadium. The almost impromptu gig was announced in celebration of Leicester’s unlikely premier league victory, one that will be forever appreciated by both friends and foes of the game.

The band saw the historic win as an opportunity to throw the biggest party their hometown has ever seen, and as massive Leicester City fans themselves, the party was of course driven by their ecstasy in victory along with the team and the football fans. However upon reflection, when the party had ended and the last chords of ‘Fire’ faded away into our cherished memories, came a realisation that this was about much more than football.

This was about belief. Hope. Possibility. Never giving up. Following your dreams through till the very end. Because the unlikely lads from little Leicester, both the football club and the band members of Kasabian, are living proof that dreams do come true. This one was for the underdogs. 💙



  1. I’ve supported Leicester City for the past 20 years – I will never, ever forget that season. It was like being on a massive adrenaline rush at all times, aware that you were probably never going to feel like this ever again.
    I love my club. Citeh!

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    1. Lovely comment, glad you got to experience that! I’m from Ireland so not a supported but completely understood the absolute joy and adrenaline, and I feel that Ive lived it a little through Kasabian! 💙


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