We are all a little guilty of mild to severe smartphone addiction, and the influx of mindless & negative information out there is as bad for our mental health as the radiation is for our physical health. While we can all benefit from reducing our usage, it’s a hard habit to shake, so in the meantime we need to focus on using these smartphones, smarter.

If you are going to spend a big chunk of your day scrolling through your social media accounts, be sure to fill your feeds with pictures and posts that inspire you, shiny happy art and mind blowing articles. There is an endless amount of it out there, & it is literally right at your fingertips.

Below are some of my favourite Instagram accounts that make me burst with joy everyday…

Captain Liz Clark (captainlizclark) – Almost 12 years ago, Liz Clark set sail on a trip around the world, with her lifelong boating skills and her beloved cat Amelia as her first mate. Despite the often disloyal nature of the feline family and the unpredictability of life at sea, the unlikely pair continue to sail the globe on their floating home with no clear plan, only the intention to positively impact the planet while cherishing every bizarre experience it has to offer. We can only count ourselves lucky that this rare she-captain and tropicat duo have chosen to document their captivating journey on Instagram.

Paola Holthausen (cravingsinamsterdam) – Takes us with her on her worldly travels through the most aesthetically pleasing food photos you will ever see. Her self-prepared meals are the perfect balance between healthy and indulgent, never without an eruption of colour, and they almost always have flowers growing out of them.

Slime Sunday (slimesunday) – Creates digital masterpieces by taking cool, albeit average subjects and transforming them into fabled identities from a parallel universe, where beautiful women and business men are followed around by a thick fog of pastel smoke as it leaves their brains, and where the vastness of outer space is no longer a giant leap, but rather a tiny step away from humanity.

Jedidiah Jenkins (jedidiahjenkins) – My absolute, hands down favourite Instagram account of all time, simply because of the man behind it. Jedidiah is a writer with the most amazing & positive outlook on life, and the most beautiful way of sharing this outlook with the world. He is so outrageously full of knowledge and wisdom, which he gracefully owns without arrogance, nor does he take the world too seriously. He has mad love for everything and everyone, even us mere followers who seek to know every fragment of his being through his daily instagram ramblings. He will love you. You will love him.

While it seems that we sometimes cannot control our excessive smartphone usage, we can at least control our online content. We can either reject social media for its negative impact on society and watch helplessly as it does not go away, or we can filter and customize it in a way that it becomes a positive force, a knowledge enhancer, a happiness spreader.



  1. The ideas that you conveyed to spread love rather than hate via social media were very unique & blissful. The goodness of your thoughts has really moved me, I feel bad with the way sometimes people use social media to generate & create a bigger social divide in the society not realizing that regardless of what our religious, cultural, economic or social background maybe, the color of our blood is red so why should our compassion towards each other be dead? Thanks for sharing such an insightful post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 🙂

    Warm Regards,


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