I was only 2 years on this planet when Kurt Cobain left it to join the 27 club. While he was partying in eternal paradise with Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, I was delicately safe-guarded with gentle pop music and lullabys, and approximately 13 years away from learning about the legend who made a painfully premature departure from the music world, leaving behind a deplorable void that we can only attempt to fill through the celebration of his life and music.

We can talk and mourn about his troubled childhood, his destructive behaviour, and his downward spiral which led to his tragic and untimely death. Or, we can blast Nevermind through our ear splitting speakers while we sing and smile and laugh about his raspy screaming voice that both excited and soothed, his heart-tickling love for animals, his playful hilarity as a frontman and his unapologetic ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude.

Something I love most about Kurt Cobain, and what I’ve trained my mind to associate with him before the heartache creeps in, is his unmistakeable smile. And for a man who believed whole-heartedly that eating a few apples a day would do the same job a toothbrush would, he had a lovely set of nashers!

Daily Prompt: Toothbrush

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