As I crossed the ha’penny bridge

In Dublin’s city so fair

Thoughts crossed my mind of sorrow

For the homeless living there. 

The views are like no other

In sunshine rain or snow

But I wondered, after sunset,

Where do these people go? 

Tourists taking photos

Of the landmark in all its glory

But although surrounded by crowds

The homeless are so lonely. 

High heels running to offices

Hoping they won’t be late

Ignoring the broken people

With a much less lucky fate. 

Home is friends and family

Home is warmth and love

Home is a life worth living

Can you imagine, having none of the above?


While it’s important to spread nothing but love & happiness on social media, it’s also important to let reality in from time to time and remember those who have been dealt some harsher cards in life. Only then can we motivate ourselves and others to turn that reality into something positive. Put this into practice today by helping the homeless – something as simple as a cup of tea, a chat, or a smile has the potential to make today one of their best ones yet.

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