This year I’ve learned some valuable lessons about personal time allocation and the concept of ‘laziness’. I’ve discovered the important truth that strips the word ‘lazy’ of its negative attachments, and instead reveals the efficiency of inefficiency, and the value of do-nothingness.

While physical activity and brain boosting exercises are absolutely vital and should be practiced daily, it is sometimes just as valuable to allocate some time to being entirely ‘lazy’. Most of us spend 70% of our weeks working, and yet we still feel guilty when we don’t fill the remaining 30% with more tireless tasks.

When we hear the word ‘lazy’ we tend to immediately attach feelings of guilt to it. We think about Sunday night regret, having spent the entire day in bed. A gym session missed for the first time this month to instead catch up with some friends. Binge watching an entire series on Netflix behind closed blinds while to-do lists are left unturned. Time feebly passed, days forever wasted.

We are a generation of doers, in a world where there is endless pressure to over-achieve. We are excelling in the parts of our lives that satisfy our career and financial goals, but this is often at a cost to our inner happiness. Sometimes minimum effort brings maximum results, and so we should be able to highly prioritise rest and rehabilitation without beating ourselves up about the fact that we could be doing more.

Today is National Lazy Day, a better time than ever to start incorporating ‘laziness’ into our lives, but completely free of the negativity previously attached to it. Throw on your pyjamas, refuel your soul, and make absolutely no apologies.

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