It’s outrageous to think that we were once scrutinised for loving ourselves too much and forever warned against being too confident. There was always someone there to take us down a peg or two, wrongly convincing us that self-love is negative, confidence is in vain, and certainty in one’s self is presumptuous. We feared the opinion of others to be “that one is mad about herself”, so we made sure that we were absolutely not under any circumstances mad about ourselves, and if we were we’d be hell-bent on convincing ourselves otherwise. Self-love belittled, a travesty.

The truth is we can’t float through life with incomplete compassion, displaying it only for others and never ourselves. We can’t achieve inner peace by beating ourselves up for every little mistake we make while easily forgiving those around us for theirs. We can’t give as much as we’d like to nor love as hard as our hearts are capable, if we do not allow ourselves receive that of others. We can’t expect love, if we fail to love ourselves.

Instead, we must love ourselves first and foremost, unconditionally & unapologetically. We must strive to be in a position where people mutter “that one is absolutely mad about herself”, rather than fear it, glowing in the compliment however unintended, all the while hoping that we can someday mutter the same about them. This self-love and compassion will radiate to others like sun rays, and ricochet back with a force even stronger than before. A self-love revolution, with heads held high, free of doubt and insecurities.

And when this happens, our happiness is within, our love is pure, and our compassion complete. 💕

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