Meet Ruthie Lindsey. Survivor of trauma, lover of life. After spending the majority of her twenties bed-bound and broken from a painful, life-threatening road accident in which she collided with an ambulance, followed by further emotional damage spurred on by the tragic death of her father, Ruthie was forced into a full blown nervous breakdown. 

The breakdown, however, became the instigator of a positive turn of events in Ruthie’s life. It made her come to the harsh realisation that she had become pain. It was not a part of her, appearing sporadically from time to time when her physical and emotional injuries flared up. No, it was all of her. It was all she saw when she looked in the mirror, and that self-image radiated to inevitably become what others saw in her too. Something changed, something fundamental, that would allow Ruthie to root out her strength and compassion that had been hiding behind bitterness and insecurity for so long, and start to live again.

Ruthie began to actively search for the beauty in the world, through travel and people and design and all things life-giving. She bravely weaned herself off all her pain medication that she had relied on for so long, a decision that she claims now to be the best one she’s ever made. Today, she lives her best life, and puts all of her energy into helping others to do the same. She believes that suffering is sometimes what unifies humanity, teaching us empathy and resilience and perspective. Ensuring is that we are never alone in despair.

People who rise above difficulty and shine brighter than ever are the best kind. Sometimes life can be unfair and make you think that you have no choice but to wallow and whimper and “why, why me?”. Choosing positivity in adversity is not the easy choice, but it’s by far the favourable one, and the one that will provide you with immeasurable strength to be your best you and live your best life. Ruthie is a walking example of this, and her story reminds us that “we don’t just have to survive, we can thrive after trauma.” 

Happy Birthday, @ruthielindsey! You’re a flower of inspiration! 🌻

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