I never had mad love for podcasts before, or rather I had the preconceived notion that I would always choose music over spoken word. And so that’s what I always did. However in a conscious effort to broaden my mind, I recently discovered an infinite world of knowledge through the free & easily accessible iPhone podcast app.

Today I listened intensively while Blindboy told me of the precious and endangered Pine Martens and the Dadaism art movement of the 20th century and the Hashasheen’s fabrication of heaven. Already feeling richer in art and culture, I jotted these things down, things that my brain knew not of when I woke this morning, so I could broaden my knowledge on them later.

Through his lonely conversation with Siri, he thought me the importance of real human connection and the danger of detachment as a result of big data platforms like Facebook & Google. I had been pondering the deactivation of my Facebook account for a long time, and this gave me the push I needed to finally do it. The mindless scrolling and negative content no longer adds value to my life, yet it continues to steal a chunk of my every day. No more.

He recommended a new album as he does so every week, Blue Valentine by Tom Waits, which envelopes me in its warm jazzy notes right now as I write these words. The fit is perfect – it’s as if he knew.

He forced me to reflect upon my intrinsic values and encouraged me to be more compassionate – a valuable life lesson, effective immediately.

All within 1 hour & 18 minutes.

When I listen to these beautiful minds as they so effortlessly express their free flowing thoughts from their glamorous LA studio or their 1-bedroom apartment in Limerick, I find myself longing for their mind blowing intellect and fascinating wisdom. Then I realise, they didn’t pick it up in the womb, nor are they just the lucky offspring of genetically high IQ’s and privileged conditions. They are the information seekers in an age of information, and it is their motivation to seek and explore that has led them to acquire a unique and intelligent grasp on the world (and beyond).

We are not below the books we read or the podcasts we listen to or the people we admire – they just expand our brains. Everything & everyone is an opportunity for knowledge, and knowledge enhances the mind, and an enhanced mind brings opportunity, and opportunity drives our our experience of this world. The information is out there for the taking. We just need to seek and explore. Like Blindboy. YURT.

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