A quick google search on ‘Deja Vu’ will tell you just how inundated we are with conflicting theories attempting to explain the ever so strange subject.

What is this eery and unsettling feeling that convinces us we’ve been here before, in this same place, with these same people, speaking these very words? When we strongly believe that no second can be lived the exact same as another, why is it that sometimes, for a brief moment in time, that belief is flung out the window like a boomerang when Deja Vu pops in for a flying visit? And just as quickly as it reveals itself, bizarre and unannounced, it’s gone again. The boomerangs back, and we settle back into our old familiar worldly beliefs.

Like nothing happened.

Some of the theories offered are incredibly thought provoking, instilling an excitement in us that longs for their wild outlandishness to be true. They are generally the ones with the least scientific support, yet the biggest band of avid believers. And understandably so, because the belief that Deja Vu is a glimpse of a parallel universe or a validation of our reincarnation, is a belief with which we can play and explore. It’s a greater adventure than the belief that this strange feeling is just a glitch in our brains registering new experiences as memories.

But if Deja vu is but a mere “brain fart”, how then, when we feel it, do we feel it so intensely that we can predict what is going to happen next?

Isn’t it lovely that we don’t, not one of us, have a notion as to what in the world is actually going on here?

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