This week I spent an hour of my Sunday afternoon floating effortlessly in a sensory deprivation tank. It was my fourth session of floatation therapy @ Slí Beatha, and it’s becoming clearer than Epsom salt water that it really does keep getting better. No two floats are the same, and like levels on an Xbox game, each one unlocks a previously inaccessible feature or benefit. With every hour spent in the tank, a level is completed and the journey to heightened awareness, peace of mind & pain relief is a little bit closer than before.

Mastering the physical is easy – the magnesium in the Epsom salts is naturally absorbed by the muscles as they become weightless and are therefore forced to relieve themselves of tension. You may at first feel aches and pains you didn’t even know existed before your outside distractions were diminished, but there’s a favourable chance that like me, you’ll absolutely notice their post-float absence.

Conquering the mental is a little trickier – the brain, although partially made up of muscle, is a lot more complex and therefore cannot simply be relieved of tension by absorbing magnesium. It can however reap the wild and wonderful benefits of silence. Of calm. Of nothingness. Once enough time and patience is allowed, even the most sceptical of sceptics will eventually find themselves forced into a meditative state of deep & uninterrupted relaxation.

Having experienced first hand the undeniable physical and mental benefits of floatation therapy, I now have full faith in & a decent handle on the practice. As a result of being able to hop into the tank and slip away to my inner world almost instantly, I’ve slowly started to unlock the next level – the psychedelic experience. Studies continue to show that floating can mimic a similar shift in consciousness to that which can be accessed through psychedelics, and today when I watched a fluorescent yellow light dance around my pitch-black pod, I felt my mind expand in agreement with science.

I had not mentioned my float to my granny when I visited her for tea afterwards, and so when I listened as she described a colour on the tv as “psychedelic yellow”, I smiled at the synchronicity, and floated on… 🙃🙃🙃

(Art by my ridiculously talented best friend, @lisakelly11)

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