Our inner truth is the most beautifully authentic part of our being, and also the most difficult part of our being to access. Many of us will unintentionally live our entire lives buried under a blanket of lies, insecurities & external validation – never really discovering who we truly are. And if we live the lie long enough, we become the lie, believing it wholeheartedly while our truth ceases to exist.

The enneagram test is a description of the human psyche, consisting of nine different personality types. It offers a method of reflection, opening our eyes to a new way of seeing ourselves and others, and in doing so, reclaiming our childlike wonder. Both an innocence and a wisdom.

When I took the test, my results revealed much that I knew about myself for certain, and much about myself that I have subconsciously hidden – my deeper & truer self. The test confirmed my idiosyncrasies and revealed my eccentricities, providing insight into why they exist and how they shape my life.

To understand your inner truth is to achieve a heightened sense of awareness, which ultimately allows you to become a fuller human. To discover the fundamentals of your being beneath life’s conditioning is to live peacefully with self acceptance and without conflict. To understand that we are all wired differently is to practice empathy with those who are not as we are.

Remember that golden rule – treat others as you would like to be treated? It’s the reversal of that rule, a turning point where we can start to treat others as THEY would like to be treated.

This is only one of a million personality models, therefore it may be of no use nor relevance to you. The complexity of our kind is too complex to claim definitively that we must all fall into one of nine categories. To me, the model is a curious mysticism rather than a proven science. But it’s curious, nonetheless.

We can always grow and improve and get lost and make mistakes, but we cannot become someone else. To be aware of this is to learn that we are not flawed –

We are the perfect version of us because we are the only versions of us.

Take the test here: The Enneagram Test


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