If you’re not sold on the mental benefits of floatation therapy, get yourself sold on the physical ones. Naturally it’s easier to notice improvements in our physical state before our mental one. Physical improvements are tangible – when a painful ache is healed, we declare ourselves healed. We are therefore more likely to try things that yield obvious, often instant benefits before those that require a deeper & more time consuming commitment.

When floatation therapy began to travel across the pond and infiltrate our shadowed country, it was sold as a remedy for the mind. Focus was put on its mental benefits and its potential to unlock a psychedelic experience, & with Joe Rogan & friends zoning in on this aspect, the physical was somewhat left in the dark. One of two things began to happen – 1. Our scepticism toward the tank as a powerful tool for the mind would prevent us from giving it a chance, or 2. We’d hop in ready for a safe and natural trip & when we failed to see a magical land of rainbows & spaceships & new dimensions, we’d discredit the entire thing as a new age myth. My recommendation is, if you’re sceptical towards the mental, to focus on the physical.

Think about how our parents & grandparents would often soak their feet in magnesium to reverse aches & pains. A float tank is, not figuratively but literally, a bath of Magnesium, yet those same people are often the ones to think of immersing their entire bodies in the stuff as downright ludicrous. Think about the art of massage, how we have our knots rolled out for an hour in an attempt to loosen our tension. Floatation therapy is essentially that, yet advocates for the practice are faced with the concern that an hour of “just lying there” would be mind numbingly boring.

Our misconceptions have left us reluctant to try the more natural & longer lasting version of the things we are already paying for a mere fraction of. If you haven’t yet found yourself excited about floating, give your body a treat and try it anyways. If you’ve already opened your mind to the idea and have got as far as the tank but are struggling to switch off, focus on he physical. Everything else, so much else, will follow 🙃

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