“You can’t take this away from me

Oh the way I hit the melody

The waves bring clarity

Running through me”

Tom Misch’s debut album ‘Geography’ was released last week, and it’s been running through us ever since.

The 13-track masterpiece is a perfect balance between funky instrumentals that’ll have you bopping around your bedroom, and stripped back soul ballads that’ll leave you melted in the mellow.

Amongst the electronica theme which succeeds in giving the album an overall uplifting feel, you’ll find jazz, disco & hip-hop combinations that blend together in perfect harmony to create a finished product that is ear-ticklingly authentic.

One thing that remains a constant throughout a dynamic record that jumps from a collaboration with quirky alternative hip-hop group De La Soul to one with the more chill & elequent loyle Carner, is Misch’s undeniably soothing voice. This sweet tone paired with clever and current lyrics over a jaw-dropping display of multi-instrumentalism,

is what makes ‘Geography’ an album that you’ll listen to from start to finish without even dreaming of hitting pause.

And again. And again. And again.

We may only be easing our way into a rainy April, but our summer soundtrack is already on full blast in preparation for the pending sunny vibes. 😎🌞✨

Catch Tom Misch @ the Olympia on May 14th as he brings ‘geography’ to life in a magical display of talent, and witness his ability to join the dots between musical genres, daring you not to fall deeper in love with him.

(Written for Oíche Events)

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