Travelling downhill underneath the trees and soon to be above the clouds. Clothing optional, an open mind – mandatory. Naked bodies set free from woollen cloth, from society-carved inhibitions. A source of laughter and an eyesore standing out amongst the crowd, soon to become normality, second nature, a new friend. High sunshine, low definition. A far away tide, no threat against time to today’s inhabitants. Tinfoil wrapped chocolate to feed minds before belllies – a treat to the senses. Let the juices sink in, let the suncream soak deep. Everything changes. Low sunshine, high definition. A clear blue sky reveals scattered hexagons and welcomed trickery. A blurred fantasy, or a long-lost reality. The tide rolls in and splashes sizzled skin with sunshine and ocean water, creating a prism from a parallel universe. A lions mane. A rainbow. A fit of uncontrollable laughter and about as much use as a chocolate kettle. Eyes closed – never a better view. An art gallery of mandalas, only they dance and they transform and they humour. A deep rooted tree defying the science of balance, and a green & purple rock of amethyst crystal. Hours later, and not a moment passed. Funny chocolate, tobacco from a resident nudist, and thirsty mouths upon us. The tide rolls in, reminding us that we’re on borrowed time and that we can’t negotiate with nature. Loopy loopy. Sleepy sleepy. No bread and butter about it.

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