This morning after a simple yet satisfying breakfast of perfectly fried eggs and golden hashbrowns, we set off for Lynn Canyon. At the bus stop I spotted a man wearing multi-coloured knee high socks & carrying a single red rose – the first interesting character of the day but certainly not the last. I vowed in that moment to always take notice of these people as potential characters for future writing. My lack of knowledge on their realities would no doubt make for interesting fiction. We continued on our journey in confidence that today’s main event would be just as beautiful, if not more, than yesterday’s. This mindset has not yet disappointed. We approached Lynn Valley & its picturesque high trees that have become a daily fixture in our new Canadian wonderland but never a bore. We crossed the suspension bridge that we remembered so fondly from past Instagram searches as it swayed safely over a powerfully calming waterfall, & I smiled at the patience of tourists to allow every passer-by their perfect photo-op. We followed the wooden path as humans so often do once it is paved for us, until a gap in the trees led us offtrack to a closer look at the waterfall. The water was within reach, & we longed to drink it and feel it’s clarity. Surrounded by friends, dogs, music, sunshine, & a single green plant growing proudly above the stones – we settled. Nature, the thing that is most accessible to all, is often the thing that makes us feel most lucky to be inhabitants of this earth. Lucky to be alive. Later, a traffic jam on the bridge left us confined to the bus amongst impatient commuters for over an hour. An opportunity to unleash some anger, or to delve into some uninterrupted reading. I read. News soon broke that police were attending to a person in crisis on the bridge. There is a fragility in bridges & heights of any kind that is dizzying – on them we can see things we can’t unsee & worse, do things we can’t undo. But their altitudes can also reveal the best views of what life has to offer. I wished that person could feel the nature I felt moments before. That they could feel insane luck to be an inhabitant of this earth. That they could feel lucky to be alive. I hope someday they will. After the incident passed and the person in crisis saved, we settled into a nearby Irish bar for lovely pints and juicy steak. We made final tracks home and passed a homeless man who said “its been a squirrelly day today” and we thought, its been a very squirrelly day indeed.

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